Who is biohacker greenfield?

The man is Ben Greenfield, who is arguably the healthiest and fittest man in the world and, almost certainly, the most influential biohacker on the planet. Depending on your perspective, it comes pretty close to being a terrifying or inspiring idea of the perfect way of life. You can access their six summits on biohackers and more than 58 hours of high-quality video content here. At the time, the exercise chapter was the only chapter in his epic book on biohacking that had actually been translated into English.

With practical knowledge drawn from the trenches of biohacking and combining modern technology with ancient wisdom about foods, herbs, spices, fitness improvement and much more, the book is an absolutely epic and essential read in any true biohacker's library. When his first job disappointed him with the modern medical industry, Greenfield launched his cutting-edge biohacking and personal training business. Considered the next big trend in terms of peak performance, the search results speak for the growth of biohacking. Today's interview on Redefining Medicine features human performance consultant, biohacker and immersive journalist Ben Greenfield.

But I'm happy to announce that his complete 544-page “Biohacker Handbook” has now been published in English and boy, it's an absolutely stellar read filled with tips, tricks and tricks I've never seen before. These same guys also organized some of the best conferences on biohacking on the face of the planet, and I am a frequent speaker at these events, which are spread all over the world, from Helsinki to London, Stockholm, Toronto and beyond. In addition to internal data, biohacking can increase performance through small electrical discharges, magnets and healing acoustics. Professional sports teams, such as the Golden State Warriors, have embarked on several biological tricks, such as drinking hydrogen-rich water and filtering air through their changing rooms.

To do this, he went beyond training, beyond eating healthy and delved into the relatively unknown science of self-quantification and biohacking. With more than 1500 references and hundreds of images, the Biohacker Manual is “the missing manual in the human body and an essential complement to the library, desk, kitchen, gym, suitcase or bedroom of anyone with a genuine interest in human performance, health and well-being”. Last year, in the post “11 indispensable lessons I learned from the biohacker exercise manual”, I introduced my Finnish biohacking friends: a pioneer of holistic medicine in Finland, specialist in human technology and self-quantification, Teemu Arina, superfood hunter and nutritionist, Jaakko Halmetoja, as well as Dr. He explains: “Biohacking is something that interested me when I started delving into self-quantification.

Here I myself was able to determine how you can be healthy, prolong your life and have a long sports career.

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