Who started biohacking?

You've probably already heard of Dave Asprey, or at least the company that founded Bulletproof 360 (home of The Bulletproof Diet and Bulletproof Coffee). In addition to including those little things in his resume, he is also the founder of the biohacking movement. Get the latest biohacking tips and technology by becoming a Dave Asprey expert. Other terms are also associated with the DIY biology community.

The terms biohacking and wet software hacking emphasize the connection with hacker culture and hacker ethics. The term hacker is used in the original sense of finding new and intelligent ways of doing things. The term biohacking is also used by the grinder body modification community, which is considered to be related to but distinct from the biological “do it yourself” movement. The term biopunk emphasizes the technoprogressive, political and artistic elements of the movement.

Restricted access to medical care and medications has led biohackers to begin experimenting in fields related to medicine.

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